BO33 0 - 1 HNBB ------ ESOR 0 - 1 HNBB ------ TDOW 0 - 1 HNBB ------ We are now recruiting! Join us now to automatically be promoted to Lieutenant ------ To join, go to the bottom of the page and fill in the form ------ The tactical unit is now closed; thank you to everyone that supported it, but it wasn't what we needed ------
If anyone annoys us, we add their platform name here for people to attack. It's kind of like a bounty, but you don't get money, only glory. Here's our current foes! No guts, no glory!
If there's anyone you want to put a hit on, fill it in in the form at the bottom of this page and we will add it as soon as possible.
Colored in priority order; red - high priority, yellow - medium/low priority
starfrighther1 - XB1
The Combat Halo - XB360 
Fallen ShadowKi - XB360
BLOOD2828 - XB360
Any IGN, TDOW, TFS, MP3 or HIKE members - XB360
scooty23477 - XB360
SRG Walker - X360
mattychawner - XB360
SpicySculpture - XB360
TFS Misfit - XB360
TDOW Ozzydog 14 - XB360
TDOWxAlpha - XB360
GamingTurtle12 - XB360
Jogger506 - XB360
Wasted Anthems - XB360
TingedKnight425 - XB360
jamieXarmstrong - XB360
brandonanthony0 - XB360
Ugliest Mirror - XB360
Lcpd cop recrui - XB360
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