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Welcome to the official website of the Hippies 'n Beach Bums crew for GTA Online and Max Payne 3 Online! We are a crew that loves to mess around on the beaches, dress up as Hipsters and have a goodtime! So if you'd like to join us, simply copy and paste the following the link into your URL bar ; today to join us! We'll be looking forward to seeing you all!

We have now merged with the Deadbeat Survivors [DBSS] Crew, and have also formed tight alliances with
the Finest in the Land [FITL] and the Vice City Crime Mob [VCCM].
HNBB Current Members: 271 (1210 with allies)
HNBB Senior Members -  (all names are current Xbox Live Gamertags)
Crew President: AlleyCat DE & Toxic Sicario
Vice President: AlleyCat GB
Speaker of the Crew: AlleyCat EN
 Bitch of the Crew: Falicia Sch (title by choice)
Crew 5th in Command: AlleyCat JS
Crew 6th in Command: RQZ VIID3V vV
 Crew 7th in Command: Atomic potato14
HNBB GTA World Ranking: #130 (Xbox Live)
Crew Challenges won: 9
Crew Challenges lost: 3
Current Crew Colour: Red

HNBB Crew Trailer, made with the Rockstar Editor.

Crew photo, with colored industrial vehicles. With the help of the wonderful Stu, leader of the SMOD Crew. View his Facebook Page here

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Jubilant 2016 from everyone here at HNBB!

Funeral Director Role-Play

Our senior crew members cruisin' in an Albany Roosevelt, as part of the Valentines Massacre Update!
Sniping with Style!
We don't pay for our vehicles in our crew! 
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